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Advanced Training courses, workshops or private tutoring for Professional Therapists

Ricardos many years of practical experience in the industry and clinical instructor & supervisor, allows him to have a clear vision as to how therapists must prepare themselves to lasting in this highlly competitive profession.

His knowledge and unparallel experience level, allows him to enhanced any therapists skill levels to new heights in a very quick, effective, but most importantly practical manner.

” Many techniques and strokes unfortunately taught in massage therapy are not only impractical, but they end up hurting the livelihood and joints of therapists if not corrected. In a demanding profession, you need to know strokes that are not only effective and practical, but easy to execute day in and day out at any level of performing high level massage therapy. I have treated hundreds of therapists who prematurely retired or got injured due to performing technqiues that were not only impractical to doing therapy, but in the long run were body mechanically detrimental to any therapists career.”

Why study with Ricardo?
1. Up your skill level with advanced classes and mentorships, taught by a Master in Massage, Manual and Osteopath therapy.
2. Tremendoues practical experience by someone in the field, that allows you to discard techniques that are inefficient and learn things that are practical, innovative and usefull for the rest of your career.
3. Over 34 years as a practicing therapist, and over 20 years teaching massage therapy, anatomy, theory and techniques, allows you to learn from the best. Dont spend years trying to learn things, let a specialist quickly show you the hows.
4. Ricardo can quickly correct your ergonomics skills, your body mechanics, your strokes, allowing the therapist to take any massage technique to a different levels, where your patients will quickly feel the differences.
5. Ricardo takes the best of Myoskeletal, Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Osteopath sciences, and puts it all together in a manner that is easy to learning. Teaching you strokes and the hows to executing them, that will take you to a level that will set you apart from all competition.
6. Massage therapy is a precise science and artform. An expert will sabe you time and years, in showing you the ropes as to how to get ahead in this profession quickly. Let a Master Massage Therapist take you to a different level in an easy, effective and practical manner.

Like many an expert and therapists, Ricardo has hundreds of hours working as a therapist and advanced classes under his belt. He has taught hundreds of students in Mexico and Canada, and is also author of the book, Myths, Truths and Errors of Professional massage therapy.

His many years in technical and theoretical experience, has allowed him to
He has worked in spas, clinics, and now runs Advanced Clinic of Manual & Massage therapy, to helping him honed his skills, observations and evaluation process to treating and teaching massage therapy at the highest of levels.