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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage many times focuses on the problems of tissue, tendons and ligaments to fixing a problem. Most times, as it has been my many years of practical experience and observation, pain is found deeper than that. Where? Many times true pain, rigidity, anatomical stiffness, limited range of motion is due to ribs, vertebral and facet joints simply being misaligned. this misalignment can cause tremendous pain, structural stiffness, reduce range of motion, or affect the whole credibility of a normal spine. ASMT works in a painless but deep manner to addressing not only the tissues with each stroke, but the whole skeletal system as welt. It tackles the bases of pain.

ASMT is done by using little lotion as to grasp all components of tissues, tendons, ligaments and skeletal structures of the body. You can expect to feel profound relaxation, by its painless and deep strokes, that tackle the true nature of pain, which is many times found beyond the layers of muscular tissue, but at the skeletal, vertebral, ribs and facet joints of the body.

ASMT sessions are highly effective and unique in the world of massage therapy. Once every 2 or 3 weeks is sufficient, ASMT does not only focus to fixing postural and chronic pain, but provides long lasting and deep relaxation benefits to mind and body.

Yes. ASMT takes all the knowledge of the sciences of Myoskeletal, Manual and Osteopath therapy, and applies it with the deep strokes of Massage therapy. It is done by slow and deep massage strokes that focus on manipulating not only the tissues of the body, but all its skeletal structures at the same time. Its focus to aligning, fixing and tackling any compensating of postural deviation pain, makes it a unique technique and sensation from its first stroke.

Ricardo has over 30 some years in clinical and teaching experience. Has studied Massage, Manual and Osteopath therapy, which has allowed him not only to creating his own unique way to doing things, but assures all of his patients to be receiving treatments that are incredibly advanced, precise in its knowledge, and effective from almost its first treatment.

Although ASMT techniques and its strokes are done by using Myofascial and Deep Tissue therapy to accomplishing its goals, ASMT was created to be powerful but done in a painless manner to treating any age group, injury, or body type.

It is natural sometimes to feel sore after a deep massage therapy due to all the physiological manipulations of tissues, bones and structures that has taken place. It can feel like working out for the first time if you have never done so. If you do feel sore, specially if its your first time receiving such techniques, it should not last more than one or two days, as the effect of the therapy will remain, and you will continue to feel more aligned, fixed and pain free with each session.

ASMT techniques are designed to fixing or almost immediately attacking the true bases or foundations of true pain. They work by manipulating not only tissues, but at the same time aligning all skeletal and facet joints of the body to providing a massage session that feels posturally aligning with each session.

By working at the deepest layers of the tissue and skeletal systems, ASMT techniques work to aligning any misaligned ribs, vertebras or facet joints, that are many items the true foundations of deep chronic pain, With each treatment and skeletal correction, the patient begins to feel posturally aligned.

An aligned body equals a pain free body. Having a postural straights back, will make you automatically feel not rigid, tight, stiff, and return your natural and maximum range of motion to its fullest. Any athlete is always looking to having perfect postural asymmetry as providing the greatest amount of power or efficiency.

ASMT is designed to treating anyone or any type of body type. It is excellent for seniors, since it provides profound relaxation to a compensating stiff, rigid or tired back, by using pain free strokes that attack to correcting the most stubborn of kyphotic desviations or rigid back issues.

Ricardo has over 30 years working as a therapist and being a clinical teacher and supervisor at all levels of massage educational therapy. His knowledge of the body, anatomy and postural analysis, assures that all his patients will experience something that is not only unique to Massage and Manual therapy, but helps in dealing with the most stubborn of tissue, postural and skeletal chronic pain. It is a great humble honor that I am able to transmit all my experience and knowledge to so many people suffering with chronic pain, that are sometimes desperately seeking someone that can really and permanently help them.

You generally feel a difference from its first session, or quickly realize from its first strokes just how unique ASMT treatments are. Its strokes are done with the tremendous knowledge, anatomical precision and structural effectivity that sets it apart from all other massage therapies. But it can take generally about 7 to 8 sessions to completely correct very advanced, many years, a chronic kyphotic compensating issue. The therapist can quickly evaluate and tell you how many sessions it can take to correcting an advanced postural compensating symptom.