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Specializing in Myoskeletal Postural alignment Massage Therapy.
Geriatric Elderly Manual & Massage for the most stubborn, chronic and stiff kyphotic issues.

“”An align body is a body free of pain, that provides spinal stability,
fluidity and the greatest mobility to correct movement.””

ASMT Geriatrics & Deep Tissue Myofascial Treatment

A powerful, and painless treatment specially designed for the elderly. A treatment that is transforming, painless, and helps with all chronic and long term issues of spinal stiffness, rigidity, limited ROM, pain and advanced kyphosis.

deep tissue massage
ASMT Maintenance & Deep Tissue Myofascial Therapy

Advanced Orthopedic, Myofascial and Deep tissue Maintenance therapy. A treatment that will give you long lasting relief and results. Done by working at the deepest layers of the myoskeletal systems in a powerful and painless manner to providing profound relaxation and efficiency to everyday chronic tensions, sports and repetitive injuries.

ASMT Alignment & Deep Tissue Myofascial Therapy

A powerful, and painless treatment that provides deep relaxation, by focusing on aligning all vertebral, facet and myoskeletal compensating issues. A treatment that works each time to not only deeptly relaxing body and mind, but tackles to aligning all issues of advanced Kyphosis, Camel & Buffalo Hump, Scoliosis, spinal compensating deformities and injuries.